1 Week To D-day

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1 Week To D-day – Wedding Checklist

That’s right, we made it! It’s one week to your big day and you have survived through the toughest and hardest couple of months.

For the last week, it’s all about self-pampering and stress-free surroundings and environment as you inch closer to your wedding day.

The next 7 days is when you rest, have the wedding rehearsal, plan your time off from work and just relax.

The Wedding Rehearsal
The rehearsal normally takes place on the eve of your wedding day. This is when everyone involved will get the full idea of what it will be like on the wedding day itself.

Timing, program run-down, music accompaniment, so on and so forth, all these are hashed out at the rehearsal to make sure nothing untoward or unexpected comes about on your event date.

By now, everyone should know their roles, places and what they need to do. If there are any pending issues, best sort them now.

After the rehearsal, it is totally up to you to do whatever you want albeit, it does not wear you out for the next day.

Some people chose to treat their friends and family out while others will have a sort of “open house” function to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. No matter what it may be, just make sure you have fun and are not stressing out.

Apart from these things, there is nothing much to do but to wait for your big day to dawn.

So congratulations, you have, made it through from the 12th month to week 1 of wedding checklist. After today, you can kick your shoes back and just enjoy.

No more crying yourself to sleep cause the caterer can’t confirm if you can change the menu, no more near meltdown moments cause one of your bridesmaids suddenly decided that she wants to wear her dress a few inches shorter (believe me, there is always one), no more migraines trying to make an appointment with the vendors and so on while trying to fit it into everybody that is related schedule.

That’s right, after tonight, you and your beloved will face new challenges and obstacles but, the beautiful thing about it would be that you will face them together.