12th – 10th Month of Wedding Planning

12th – 10th Month of Wedding Planning - Westlane Place

12th – 10th Month of Wedding Planning

Congratulations! You have just been asked by the love of your life to go through this journey together. NOW comes the part where the planning takes place.

Some ladies have already prepared a big book of weddings, just waiting for his very fay to arrive while others haven’t the slightest idea of what to do now that they have been proposed to, and, have accepted.

Fret not ladies, we are here to lend a helping hand.

Step by step, follow these simple guidelines and you will be fine.

First up is the 12-10th Month period of preparations. During this time, you have to be sure to secure and have a clear idea of the following:

12th Month


Every lady at one point in their life has envisioned what her wedding would be, the venue, the gown, the romantic fairy lights hanging from the garden wall or lining up on the sand as she walks down the aisle to her beloved.

While it’s good to have dreams and ideas, it is important to know that these dreams & ideas are normally just that and that reality can be a very different and harsh teacher.

So when the time finally comes for you to start planning, the first thing you need to make sure of is to SET A BUDGET!

This is one of the hardest things to do especially if you are not aware of how pricey getting really is. Set a budget and work within it, make sure you resist the temptation to go over-budget, it can get tricky so be sure that you and your partner are dead firm in spending what you have agreed on.

#Pro Tip; Always make sure you have some funds just in case of emergencies.


This may sound cliche but trust us, venues are one of the first things you need to secure as soon as possible. Remember, just because you were proposed to the night before does not mean other ladies were not in the planning mode at all.

Securing the venue gives you an idea of what or how your wedding will or can shape up to be. It gives you insight into how many people you can invite, table setting, that type of decor, where will the bride and groom be situated, where will the caterers be situated, and of course, parking space… something all KL-ites will thank you for.

This is something Westlane Place is perfect for as not only do we offer our venue for hire, we also provide ample of parking space that is free of charge should your event be held on a weekend.


This is the second most important thing to do. Upon booking your venue, securing your caterers will ensure that the food will be available for your big day and that it is provided by the caterers of your choice. This along with the venue are the two (2) biggest expenditure you will have when planning a wedding so be sure to settle this first before you proceed with anything else.


This is the third most important thing to do; finding your THEME. Now if you are one of those up-to-date couples that are always following wedding styles and trends then this will be a breeze for you.

If you are not in the category above, well, first, take a deep breath and ask your partner and yourself, what will work with your budget. If you are still not sure, no worries, most wedding venues now come with their very own planner whose sole purpose, apart from handling the venue, is to help you decide, plan and execute what you have in mind, all the while keeping an eye on your spending. Their Job is to make sure you have everything you need ready for your big day.

Now that we have covered the 12th-month planning, let’s go to the 11th month below.

11th Month


This is the next most important thing. Securing the date makes it easier to plan and budget and helps gives you a clear idea of what your timeline is.


The 11th month should be dedicated to fine-tuning the guest list. Now as Asians, this is where we always tend to have a problem. we feel the need to invite every single person we have met in this world or risk being scorned, yelled at, side-stepped, or even cursed, just because we didn’t want to invite them but rather, felt forced to do so.

My advice, DON’T. Take into account that this is your wedding, paid for (i suppose) by you & your partner, so you have a say in whom should and should not attend.

The easiest way to plan is: Name all the people you have met up within the past year. From that, remove the family members that you would like to invite, friends, colleagues and people you can be yourself with. Take into consideration that your partner also has people he needs to invite.

Set a maximum number of guest for both sides, one could be more than the other, just make sure both parties are aware of it.

10th Month

Wedding Team

Upon entering the tenth month after you accepted the proposal, you should, by now, have a clearer idea of what you and your partner would like your wedding to be. This is where you decide whom to hire and add into your very own wedding team.

Your wedding planner, photographer+videographer, make up artist (MUA), coordinator, wedding entertainment, emcee’s, wedding officiant and bridal party should all be resolved in the 10th Month. Make sure they are acquainted with each other and with you.

Pheww, not that we have taken care of the main items on the list, let’s see what else there is to settle before the big day dawns.

Be sure to check what follows in months 9-7.