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3 Months to Wedding Day – Wedding Checklist

We have now reached the end of all the stressful planning and running around and have come to the final trimester of the whole deal.

The 3rd – 1st months are the most crucial months as this is where all of the planning and fine tuning will have to be sorted and done with before your big day.

So let’s start with the bigger things and work our way from there shall we…

The FINAL Prep…

3rd Month – Wedding Programmes

By now, you should have some sense of what your big day will be like.

Make an appointment to have the religious elders (if any), your event planner and parents to be present together to go through the details of the program. This is the time where you fine-tune the itinerary, point out the details, assign the roles to each person accordingly and have everyone on the same page as each other to avoid any hiccups or unplanned situations.

Remember to try to think out of the box as most of the time, situations that crop up are never what we thought of or planned for.

2nd Month – Cards, Table Settings, RSVP’s, Bridal Showers & Boy’s Night Out

The 2nd month will be one of the most stressful months as this is when the cards will have to be given out, table settings/placements figured out, RSVP’s are either received back with a reply or, as Malaysians do, tak kisah (which adds to the stress), Bridal shower plans and Boys’ night out.

Let’s tackle the 1st item – Cards.. the giving out of your wedding cards can be done in many ways these days all thanks to technology, connecting each & every one of us no matter the distance. With that being said, there are still some people that are still “in the ways of old” when it comes to such auspicious event… meaning, they expect to be hand delivered their invites by the family elders. Now as Asians, this is a normal scenario and we most definitely know to whom and how the invites need to be sent. Always fall back on your elders for this one as it involves more than just the act of card giving.

One way to sort it out is by separating and organizing the guests’ list accordingly. Make it easier by sorting them into 3 groups;
A) By Hand – These normally apply to relatives
B) By Post – These can apply to distant relatives & friends
C) E-Invite -These are strictly for those that are not fussy, chilled & laid back guests, usually your close friends and such.

Next, after cards come Table Setting(S) 
This..this can cause fights if not tackled by a leveled-headed person. Be open to suggestions, be prepared to accept that not everyone will like where and with whom they will be seated with and be ready for negative feedback either on your big day itself or after it, believe me, there will be one mak cik or uncle or friend that will give you an earful for this. Remember, it’s your wedding and no matter what you do, you can never make everyone happy.

RSVP’s are the next headache. While most people these days have the decency to reply back, many, however, do not. With that being said, you will need to enlist the help of a sibling or two, friends or even your parents to help call and confirm their attendance. Try to get this sorted within the second month as it will make the table arrangement/seating plan, easier without any last minute arrivals.

1st Month – Bridal Showers & Boys’ Night
This is completely up to you. Some may have friends sort this out while others will just sort it out themselves. There are also those that just..wait for it… DO NOTHING!!. Yeap, believe it or not, you can actually do nothing and just chill, save the extra cash and wait for your big day to arrive.

There is also an increasing amount of couples that pull the combo. What is that? Well, its mashing both events into one big event. Both the bride & grooms friends join together to have one big night out. It’s also a good idea as it helps the whole team get to know each other better and maybe forge new friendships.

Now that we have sorted the last 3 months before your big day, we will wrap it up in the next post where we count down to the last week before your big day.