6 – 4 Months

6 – 4 Months - Wedding Checklist - Westlane Place

6 – 4 Months – Wedding Checklist

In our previous countdown from 9-7months of our series on Wedding Checklist for Asian Brides, we now come to the important month(s) before the big day.

Now that you have settled all the major headaches like Venue, Caterers, Decorators, Gowns and so on, it’s now time to take care of the smaller things needed in a wedding.

What are those things you may ask? Well, fret not, this list is made for that very question.

Miscellaneous Details and what they are.

1) Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is next on the list. Although most bridal or venue now offers packages or inclusion of wedding cakes, this needs to be sorted out by the 6th month onwards as it takes time, planning and $$ for some, especially if it is outsourced and not from your bridal house, package vendor or event planner.

There is a new trend now going around and making silent waves, its called the DIY trend or – Do-It-yourself- for those that are not too familiar with the acronym. This entails brides or the family of both the bride and groom to get things done themselves without the help of professionals and such.

Why? Simple; to cut cost. 

There are many blogs, insta posts, twitter updates, FB live stories and of course, Youtube videos, on how to successfully DIY your event. Now while that might be educational and helpful, they do not, however, tell you of the pitfalls and the possibilities of “What If’s”, “How Do We Handle This?”, “Sudden Hiccups”, and so forth.

Remember, planning a wedding is no piece of cake so if you are not a person that handles stress well or that does not like to have many meetings with various people then I would suggest that you stick with an event planner and relax…trust me, even the professionals have it hard most of the time. 

2) Honeymoon Destination…

After all that is settled, its time to plan your honeymoon. This is totally up to you and your partner. Some people have their family sponsoring the trip, others have their friends that choose to chip in and send you off. While most couples still prefer to book and plan their own Honeymoon, the question that is always difficult is when, where & how much.

This can be tackled in many ways as it all boils down to you and your partner and how you want to plan your honeymoon. Apart from traveling within the country, many choose to sign up for tag-along-trips with friends or family members onboard, package deals, Matta fair deals or tour package deals. Some opt to push it back to a few months after the wedding as they want to settle most of the payments before jetting off. There is also a handful of those who choose to forfeit their honeymoon trip altogether as they deem it a total waste of time & money.

Whatever your choice may be, be sure to pick a place that both you and your partner will enjoy and one that has activities for both the husband & wife.

3) The Dreaded Guest List, Who Makes it & Who Doesn’t…

While we have covered this part in our previous post, it is by these months that you must be absolutely sure who you are calling and whom you are not.

Beware, there will be many sour faces, jealous peoples, kepoh people, suddenly they love you people, suddenly related people and suddenly die die friends, all whom may have heard by now that your wedding is looming closer and would like to score an invite to your event.

Why? For this, we are not sure… it’s just human nature.

Now back to the matter at hand. Once you have finalized, re-finalized and re-re-re-finalized your guest list, (trust me, there will be lots of re-re-re-finalizing), it’s time for table seating placements. While we may offer advice to you on how to handle this, there is in all honesty, no right or wrong way to it as you cannot please everyone.

What we can tell you is that this is YOUR event and they are YOUR guest, seat them accordingly to what you know would work best, just don’t let feuding friends or relatives near each other, this is your wedding, not a WWE Ring, you do not want ugly heads popping up to overshadow your event. If you have no choice or are in way over your head, turn to your elders for guidance as they will know better on what works.

Next up, we will be checking off the last remaining 3 months prior to your big day.

What must you do? How do you do that? Who settles all this? HELP I CAN’T PLAN THIS WEDDING ANYMORE!!.. Chill, we’ve got you covered.. we will delve into all these questions in our next post.