9 – 7 Months

9 – 7 Months of Wedding Planning - Westlane Place

9 – 7 Months Wedding Planning

After the grueling and nerve cracking months of finding your venue, booking it, finding your MUA, video & photographer, settling the caterers and what not, now comes the part that can make or break the Bride; GOWN SELECTION(S)…

Ask any lady, and you will know that finding the right gown is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. You may browse through magazines or have one custom-made, at the end of the day, it is no simple feat.

So to help you make it easier, follow these simple rules and you will be fine..hopefully…

9th month

BUDGET…BUDGET…BUDGET… Although you may have resigned in your mind that you will not spend more than what you have set aside, it is easy to completely lose track when you step into the bridal shops, browse through the internet for the latest trends or even customize your very own gown. Without proper restraint and discipline, one can easily fall into the temptation that is Bridal Gown Shopping.

1)Support System How to avoid falling into this deep deep hole? Simple, take your mum or your closest friend, maybe even your partner, if that’s alright by you, and have them make the decision FOR you. Of course, you have to like what you will be wearing as well, but having a good support system around you will help eliminate unnecessary pitfalls that might come along your way.

2)On Sale Browse through magazines or the internet for sales or discounted gowns. These days one does not have to venture out far & wide to find what they are looking for, they can do it from the comfort of their own sofa set! With that said, be sure to shop at local and trusted sites to avoid credit card fraud or even worse, bank hacking.

3)Multi-purpose GownsMany young people are more budget and re-usable conscious than they were before which means that they are more interested in making full use of their gowns instead of making it a one-time-wear, a term most gowns are associated with. This works well for those that are looking to design and create their own gowns as they can tailor it in such a way that it is wearable after their wedding.

Don’t be shy or feel like you are missing out if you can’t afford to buy that Vera Wang’s off-shoulder mermaid gown or that Channel silk-like ballgown or that Swarovski crystal-encrusted body-hugging dress that will accentuate your figure… instead, think of the money you are saving for a rainy day and the fact that you have a dress to walk down in to your awaiting beloved.

4)Hand-Me-Downs. Now although this is not something most Asian family practices, there are a few whose mum, grandmother, aunty or even sisters that have managed to preserve their own gowns in bid to pass it down to those in need. If you fall into this category, accept it with open arms and make any modifications you think would make it look better on you. Pro point- You just saved yourself from buying a whole new dress! That’s a good deal anywhere.

5) Diversify we are after all multiracial. Can’t find a gown? Then wear a Saree or a Lengha or a wedding cheongsam or even the Pengantin attire. Nobody said you should ONLY wear gowns.

6)The Men Needs To Look Sharp Too That’s right, the men, whom for the most part up until now have remained in the dark, also will need to look their best. There are always sales going on from time to time and like most things, shopping online makes it even better.

Guys can customize their attire by adding a contrasting bowtie or tie, different color inner & outerwear, or for those that are not huge risk takers, the normal, black and white ensemble is the best and safest choice.

Whatever the choice might be, it is most important to look your best. NEVER EVER try out a new look or skincare routine 1 month PRIOR to your big day as in doing so will only cause more harm than good.

7)RentalIf all else fails or you and your partner just do not want to deal with the hassle of finding and checking and driving from store to store looking for the perfect outfit, you can always just rent them from any bridal establishments.

Bridesmaid Dresses
If you thought finding your own gown was taxing, you will certainly be having a headache when the time comes for you to find ones for your bridesmaids and best man’s.

Most people tend to settle this matter two ways
– Give them the finance and ask them to get a dress according to your color and length
– tailor one yourself according to their shape & size.

For this, there are not that many choices and chances are better if you decide with either one of the above-mentioned options than renting it from bridal manors as they can cost a fortune and most of the time they do not have more than 1 in stock.

Wedding Invites
Ahh yes, the wedding invites. This is one of the more slightly stressful parts of planning a wedding as it involves the whole family (at times). Always remember to double check the draft before finally okay-ing the printer to print it.. check that the spelling, names, contact details, map, venue, timing and so forth are correct and clear before you allow it to be printed. This will not only save you unnecessary correction cost but will save you from headaches on the event day.

7th Month
Now while most people are opting for event planners or wedding venues to sort this out, its always good to know a florist or two for emergency cases. Sometimes, having a connection with a florist can help cut the cost for floral arrangements for your wedding.

Now that we have covered everything from booking the venue, securing the caterers to how to find the perfect gown, be sure to check back on our 6th-4th month.

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