Budget Wedding Ideas
When people hear the word “Budget” next to Wedding, they automatically think the worse of you.
In reality, having an expensive and over the top wedding might sound fun but will cause you more stress and burden by the time you reach your wedding day and nobody would want to start their happily ever after with a financial noose around their neck.

So, forget what people may think when they hear the word “Budget” or DIY, and concentrate on making your day the most memorable and pocket-friendly day possible. Of course, there are a few things that you should never skimp out on, but there are things that you can settle yourself thus removing the need to expand your budget.
Below is a list of do’s & dont’s, of what you can DIY and what you should splurge on. Hopefully, this list will help you plan and budget better without breaking the bank.


Do book a proper venue.

The venue is one of the single most important things in any event. Most people prefer to have it in the hotel, eliminating the additional stress of dealing with the deco & caterers, accommodation for guests, parking and so on.
While this is normally a preferred idea, this can, depending on the venue, break the bank.


Well, apart from the set menu(s) provided and their pricing per-pax, most venues might not provide additional decor or door gifts. Then there is the case of additional tables for the late or sudden comers. Let’s be real, this is Malaysia, we have gate crashers and late-comers and no-repliers for every event, that is for sure. Opening up a table for them is not only something expected from you, but it is also expensive. What if the table remains empty? That’s just one, what if you had a minimum of 3 tables for this situation & they are all either empty or barely filled. Congrats, you have just paid for a lavish dinner for a non-existent guest(s).

Truth be told, there is no 2 way around this. It’s just something that needs to be done unless you are strong in following in your choice of not entertaining last-minute arrivals, or, you’ve gone the extra step and hired a mean looking bouncer… either way, when hosting a wedding at a hotel, be prepared for these additional costs.

Apart from the table, there is also the corkage fee (a fee applied when alcohol is involved), and these can really drive a budget to explode. Depending on the venue, the corkage fee alone can cost up to thousands so be sure to have this sorted out before you confirm your booking.

Next is accommodation. While this is easily taken care of when you host your event in a hotel, be sure to check the hotel rates and factor that into your wedding budget. While most people only cover for their elders, there are a few that will be under the impression that their stay will be covered by the bride/groom as well so make sure that you sort these details out before your event…nobody likes a surprise bill, a huge one at that.

Halls/Garden/Beach Space

Apart from hotel venues, halls are the next preferred venue. It costs less than hotels do but it can slowly climb if you don’t keep watch.
What To Look Out For:
– Venue Location
– Capacity
– Facilities
– Dates & Discounts
– Packages

Like most things in life, always do your research. Some venues come with full facilities such as lightings, AV systems, decor’s, etc while others only offer a blank canvas hall. Of course, booking a hall that comes with the facilities means you have managed to cut cost for one without it. Take a drive up to the venue, it’s free, make an appointment to see the space, speak to the person in charge and find out the details of booking the hall, what comes with it, are there any special discounts or packages, parking, close amenities, hotels and so on.
Most of the time the packages provided by the hall are preferable as they cover everything from venue hire to food to decor. Be sure to ask the person-in-charge any and every question you may have.

These days, there is an increasing number of people that want to break the norm and celebrate their special day in a rather special and unique style; Garden Weddings.

Garden wedding or Garden inspired weddings or garden themed wedding, however, you may phrase it, is truly breathtaking and mesmerizing, if it is done correctly. There are many rooftop venues, converted mansions, converted houses and even purchased plots of land, that has been changed into wedding venues that fit the Garden theme.
Although these may seem exactly what you are looking for, always keep your head above the clouds. These venues, albeit beautiful and almost fairy-like, do tend to cost a bomb so be sure to always inspect the fine print, the clauses, the T&C’s. Always ask questions, not sure why it states what it states, ask. Not sure if there are any additional charges for bringing in your own caterers & decor team, ask. What if it rains and your guests are at risk of getting wet, what are their plans to prevent it or, the right question would be, how much would it cost, don’t know? Not sure? ASK. Its always better to look like a fool than to be taken for one.

Ah yes, a beach wedding. Everyone has at least once in their lifetime pictured themselves having a beach wedding. White sandy beaches, beautiful warm weather with the lovely sea breeze that makes it all too perfect. Yes, the idea of it is picture perfect, unfortunately, the reality is not. In reality, the cost of even an acre of land for the solemnization will set you back by the thousands. Then there is the weather, the food, the crowd control, the setup, all this, seeing as beach weddings are required to use the boats to transfer the guests, decor and so on, will charge a bomb. Still, ASK. Most beach resorts tend to offer their in-house team to help minimize outside help and to maximize their own revenue. Same goes for food, for beach weddings, it is always better to get it done in-house.

DIY’s are also becoming a sought after method. There are many things you can do these days to help minimize the cost of your wedding or event.

Here are some ideas & tips on how to DIY

Firstly, let us thank the power of the Internet and something called Google & youtube.

Secondly, SPEND…TIME…RESEARCHING… this is very very very important especially for those looking to DIY your wedding or event(s). It is most assuredly possible and quite frankly easy to do, the only set back is, it can be quite a time-consuming project if done alone so if you are really serious on it, make sure you have a group of friends to help, your partner, or even relatives. A good and supportive support group is crucial when DIY-ing is involved.
DIY’s can cover anything from place cards to decorations to invitation cards to adding personal touches to your attire(s). Make sure you have a theme, a plan, an idea, of what your event or wedding is about and execute accordingly.

Coupons, Sales & Party Suppliers
These are going to be your best friends once you have set your mind on DIY-ing. Malaysia, unfortunately, is not that big on coupons as the American and British people are. The western & European side of the world can practically fund their event all by using coupons… ( come on Malaysia..) Although that may be the case, there are still some places that do provide it so be sure to ask around or search on the internet.

Sales…almost every lady will be affected and tempted with those 4 lettered words; SALE… Although it’s always a nice feeling to get something for less than it cost, never ever lose track of what you need and your budget. It is always wise to have a list of items that you are looking for, the amount you would pay per-piece and if possible, buy in bulks.

Wholesalers, Online Shops & Party Suppliers
These people who run these businesses are life savers as they are fully aware of what it is to DIY events, especially weddings. The downside though is that they always sell their good in bulks, something that you should factor in when you are planning your decor.
That said, buying in bulk can help cut cost and overall, help you save some additional $$. These businesses also have sales from time to time as well as membership cards where you can get even more discounts and special prices.

Floral Decor
Unless you are like, super wealthy or run a flower shop, try to keep the florals down to the bare minimum;e.g; bride & groom as well as the bride & groom party & the main table.
If you really must have flowers for your wedding, if it is something you have always wanted, then switch to fake flowers and leaves, they look almost the same, won’t die for a very long time unless left under the sun and are completely reusable. The magic of fresh flowers might not be present but neither will a hefty bill and a no-brainer situation where the person-in-charge has to figure out what to do with them after the wedding.

These, these are one of those things on your list that you can actually save on. If you are on the creative side, this will be a breeze for you. If you are not, here are a few suggestions to help you.

– Inquire within your circle of friends and family if anyone is into designing or have a creative side and would like to help out. Those who are familiar with the art of calligraphy will be much loved during these times.

– Sort out accordingly who should receive invites and who would settle for an E-invite. Many people these days are tech savvy and would rather you just email, Whatsapp them or just give them a Facebook invite. Just make sure you know for sure whom those people really are, don’t take it for granted and assume, it will cause some tension, in the long run, trust me.

Printed Cards
Simple, one paged-cards are also one way you can DIY. Pick a type of paper or a variety of colored papers, pick a design that is so very available on the internet and print them out.
Or, if you do plan to have your cards made by the pros, pick a simple and classy one and add your touch to it to make it more personal, maybe something like dried flowers or a yarn tied into a ribbon around the invite or even a personalized stamp, anything is possible if you have the creative mind and guts to do it.

Now, this is a bigggg part of a woman’s wedding planning; her attire. Nevermind about the boys, the ladies have been dreaming of fitting into that body-hugging, lace couture wedding dress since she first laid eyes on a wedding dress. Nevertheless, it takes a mature and strong-willed woman to rise above the occasion and to pick comfort and affordability over style and $$. With that said, there are sites, stores, and bridal houses that not only sell these attires, but they also rent them out too and that can be a great way to cut the cost.

There is also the option of sewing or tailoring your own dress. For those that chose to do this, try to make the dress one that you could wear out long after your big day. It’s not a waste since you will be wearing it more than once and you automatically get a new pair of dress for any events.


Food is the next big thing. Never ever ever skimp or go low budget on your food. Most of your guest may not remember the decor or theme of your wedding but they will surely remember the food and what it was like. A big chunk of the wedding budget always goes for the venue & the food so make sure that both are perfect.

If you plan to try out a caterer but you have yet to taste their food, ask for a food tasting session. Most will oblige, some might even invite you to the next function that they will be catering for, while there are some that will not entertain you. Whatever the outcome, make sure that you taste what you are paying before you pay it & never ever settle the full bill until your event is over. This will come in handy should anything turn sour on your event day.

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